By Teresa Bruni

What are the components of success? What makes successful people stand above the crowd? It’s their thought process, their mindset.

Successful people:

  • know they are here for a reason, that they have a purpose. They feel confident and in control because they have a mission, a goal. They think from the end result they are seeking.
  • know that what they think of themselves is far more important than what others think of them. They are not afraid of being seen as foolish or of failure. Thomas A. Edison was quoted as saying, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” He didn’t worry about what his peers thought.
  • Thought Patterns of successful peoplethink synergistically. They look for cooperation and collaboration from others knowing that the biggest goals cannot be achieved alone.
  • take responsibility and do not blame others. Blaming others gives away your power. If someone else is to blame for what has happened, essentially you are saying that they have control over what happens to you and you don’t.
  • see possibilities everywhere! Successful people know problems will arise and when they do, successful people see them as opportunities. They turn problems into possibilities!
  • create situations where everybody wins. They avoid the “I win” mentality. Instead they look towards the wellbeing of all involved.
  • believe that no matter how small the win, they are still a success. Are you thinking like a successful person? There are things you can do to shift your consciousness. Contact me for more information. Be a success in your life!