By Kelley Edelblut

Ugh – that overpowering, all consuming feeling we all know too well – overwhelm.

Why it happens? For me, it is all about maintenance.  If I can maintain my life, both personally and professionally, then it would be rare for me to find myself here.  It is when life gets “in the way” that overwhelm jumps in and takes a front row spot.

OverwhelmWhat to do? Have a plan for when overwhelm attacks – because it is not about if, but when.
When overwhelm hits me, l often times feel frozen, paralyzed, and “shut down”.  I find these feelings only prolong the inevitable, and make things worse than they are, because restlessness then takes effect, and prohibits me from moving forward and taking control.

How to attack?
• Physically leave the room or premise to clear your head
• Exercise or take a walk to step back from it all
• Meditate
• Do some deep breathing
• Shift perspectives

Once returning to physically doing what you were doing, it is time to make some progress, so to feel productive.  I for one have to prioritize and organize what lies before me.  I am a person who uses a lot of outside structures like calendars and lists.  Once these are in place, I can then begin to get back to that OHMM place and reclaim my life.

How is it that you handle overwhelm?  Please reply in the comments section.

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