By Cheryl E. Cook

Where do you go for advice for your small business? Do you follow the yellow brick road to seek advice from the Wizard?

Getting advice may be as close as your own customer list. You likely have a number of trusted customers who would be willing to serve on a “Customer Advisory Board.” Most would consider it an honor you asked them to play an advisory role in your business.

With the virtual flavor these days, the Customer Advisory Board doesn’t ever need to meet face to face. You can have a dialogue with them individually or as a group through email, private on-line forums, telephone or web conferences.

12th blogHow might you use this advice for your small business? Consider the value of customer feedback on a marketing piece that didn’t get the desired results, feedback on a new marketing campaign before it’s launched or valuable feedback on a product enhancement. All are perfect issues to bring before the advisory board for some honest feedback for your business.

In addition to the priceless feedback you receive, you’ll have customers with an emotional stake in your company, since their advice is being employed in the operation of your small business.

Cheryl E. Cook is an eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach. She specializes in equipping business owners to create 7 figure habits to grow their business. You know the feeling of being run over by your business & it’s time you were the one running the show!