By Jo Dibblee

Truth is, sometimes it’s easier to fake it.   At times we may even try to disguise that we are faking. But why is that? And at what cost are we willing to fake it?

From an early age we have been conditioned to fake it to ensure we don’t offend others, or to ensure we are perceived as successful.  The result is – we offend ourselves. I know this may ruffle some feathers (pun intended) but the truth is we have all faked it at one time or another, and we can’t fix what we don’t acknowledge.  This faking thing, is a big fat frock!

Why is it, that when we really don’t want to do something we say yes anyway; in spite of the inner turmoil we are facing?

There are any number of reasons we may say yes: obligations, sense of responsibility,  expectations by others and self. Sometimes we just want to fit in.ar131491087867597

You Know You’re Faking When ...

1. You say yes while shaking your head side to side and the little voice inside your head is screaming abort, abort, abort!

2. You say yes and suddenly you don’t feel well.

3. You say yes while trying to figure out how you can get out of this.

4. You say yes because the thought of saying no is more scary then saying yes.

5. You say yes and then begin to resent the person who asked.

fakeHow To Stop Faking It:

1. When asked to do something simply pause and let the person know you will have to get back to them. Take 24 hours to decide if this is something you can commit to at this time.

2. Ask what else they may be needing and if something resonates with you by-all-means say yes. But  if not then defer to number one.

3. Regretfully decline.  This sounds so simple, yet it is not. Acknowledging a request is not the same as saying yes, it is merely acknowledging the request.

Life isn’t perfect and neither are we.  Rather we are imperfect beings doing the best we can.  BTW that is exactly as it should be; because it is in the imperfections of who we are that we are in fact perfect.  It makes us human, likable and vulnerable.


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