Lisa Larter - CSO, eWomenSocial Advantage


By Lisa Larter

As you probably already know, this week we held a 2013 Social Media State of the Nation webinar. Nielson also does an annual report on the state of social media and it offers a lot of great information and graphics to show just exactly what kind of impact Social Media is having on the world.

Here are 5 things from that report that you absolutely MUST know:

  1. The Keyword for the Future of Social Media is MOBILE – In the last year users have increased the time they spend on Social Apps by 76%, the time people actually spent on Social Media on their mobile devices went up by 24% (more time = more deeply engaged). and the overall unique U.S. Audience is up 82% on the mobile web and 85% on Mobile apps.
  2. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are still the top two social platforms (not counting blog sites) but Pinterest has seen unprecedented growth at over 1000%! (yes, that’s really 1,000%)
  3. New buzzword: SocialCare. Direct from the report: “Customer service via social media, has become an immediate imperative for global brands.” One in three social media users prefer social care to contacting a company by phone. They most often use Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, and Youtube to comment or ask a question.
  4. Think people only use Social Media to complain about a business? Think again. More than half of social media users posting on Social Media at least once a month use it to COMPLIMENT brands! Even more importantly, 65% use it to learn more about a company and 70% are searching for reviews and to get feedback on a product, service or brand.
  5. Overwhelmingly, people make a purchase decision based on reviews from Social Media, and online product reviews.

I may sound like a broken record but it is now even more important than ever to make sure you have an online presence. As you can see from this report, people will be talking about you on Social Media whether you are there or not. Ensure you have a voice and the ability to at least engage in their conversations.

People often say to me, “Lisa, I’m afraid of the negative things people might say if I have a facebook page. What if they complain about something?”

My response is always, “They will and they already are. The only difference is, you have absolutely no way of responding if you aren’t on there yourself.”

Click here to check out the rest of the Nielsen Social Media Report and share what you think is most important for you to do through Social Media for your business in 2013!